September 20, 2013
Basking Ridge, NJ

Celebrating 52 Years

1961 - 2013

The Future of Pharmaceutical Business-Academic-Industry Collaboration

for Better Innovation.


As drug discovery is moving forward, the pharmaceutical industry is constantly under fire to produce novel and superior quality drug products using innovative technologies for the benefit of patients. In recent years the pharmaceutical industry has focused on stronger ties with academia to speed up drug development with lower cost and limited resource. In this conference we are inviting the leaders and scientific experts from industries and academics for an open discussion on the future of drug development processes and challenges. This conference will provide insight into  novel solutions into different areas such as Drug Delivery for Small and Large molecules, Bio-pharmaceutics challenges, Personalized medicine, Quality by Design, etc. With the significant increase of poorly soluble compounds from the discovery phase, enabling drug delivery systems  are essential to deliver these molecules in adequate concentration to the specific sites for therapeutic efficacy. At the same time bio-pharmaceutical challenges becomes a critical factor for dealing with such type of compounds. Similarly, personalized medicine promises to revolutionize the global healthcare industry for improving patient compliance.  Finally, the recent focus of health authority on quality by design opened an enormous opportunity for collaboration between industry and academic for future drug  development. This symposium will attract a lot of young and brilliant scientists with a thirst for knowledge in pharmaceutical development and a chance to interact and network with other fellow scientists. Enjoy!



7:30 AM    Registration
8:00 AM    Introduction: Commitee Members and EPTM Mission
                 Narendra Desai (Pfizer Alumni), EPTM Chair
                 Introduction: Symposium Theme
                 Indrajit Ghosh (Celgene), EPTM Program Chair
8:15 AM    Personalized Medicines (Title to be confirmed
                 Dr. Patrick Sinko
                 Associate VP Research & Distinguished Professor
                 Dept. of Pharmaceutics
                 Rutgers University
9:00 AM    Enabling Pharmaceutical Products Utilizing Extrusion Technologies
                 Dr. Chad Brown
                 Principal Scientist
9:45 AM    Break
10:15 AM  The Future of Pharmaceutical Business-Academic-Industry Collaboration:
                 Biopharmaceutics Challenges in Drug Delivery of Small Molecules and Biologics &
                 Areas for Collaboration
                 Dr. Munir Hussain
                 Distinguished Research Fellow
                 Bristol Myers Squibb
11:00 AM  Platinum Sponsor Presentation
                 Terry Robinson
                 Executive Director
                 Catalent Applied Drug Delivery Institute
                 Catalent Pharma Solutions
11:15 AM  Don't Leave Money on the Table:
                 Collaborative Product Development for Better Patient Outcomes
                 Cornell Stamoran
                 Founding Board Member, Catalent Institute
                 VP of Strategy and Corporate Development
                 Catalent Pharma Solutions (Catalent)
12:00 PM  Lunch
1:30 PM    Tumor-Targeted Nanotherapeutics
                 Dr. Tamara Minko
                 Distinguished Professor and Chair
                 Department of Pharmaceutics
                 Rutgers University
Sorry for the last minute cancellation. James Chaney won't be able to join us due to a last minute work emergency. We will be having a round table discussion instead.
2:15 PM    Prospects and Case Studies of Amorphous Solid Dispersion, 
                 A Leading Solubilization Technology
                 Dr. Vivian Bi
                 Technical Director of Solubilization and Contract Services
                 Ashland Specialty Ingredients
                 Ashland Inc.
3:00 PM    Break
3:30 PM    Round Table Discussion
4:00 PM    Conclusion and Thank you

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